Marc Spiegel's Einstein Alive!

His imagination still shines light upon our world.

Einstein at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto.

Einstein at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto.

If you are looking for a Fun-Filled, Family-Friendly, Educationally Engaging program

Einstein Alive! is what you want.

Einstein Alive! can be a series of performances in your museum or an out-reach program into area schools. As Roberta Gasbarre, Director of Smithsonian Associates’ Discovery Theater writes: “Marc Spiegel’s Einstein…was Nobel prize-winning edu-tainment, indeed!”

Albert Einstein’s impact on our world was enormous. Though Einstein clearly agreed that we still have a long way to go, he redefined our understanding of gravity, light, time, space, and motion. Compounding his historical importance was his humility, his sense of humor, his deep-seated social consciousness, and his courage to stand by his convictions.

Marc Spiegel’s Einstein Alive! is the closest thing we have to the experience of meeting Einstein today. Marc becomes a warm, vivid and uncannily realistic Albert Einstein, appealing to children and adults of all ages. Einstein speaks of his life and guides the audience through the adventures in his mind.

Audiences are treated to:

• Dynamic and often humorous on-stage demonstrations of relative motion with audience volunteers

• Unforgettable participatory songs illustrating fundamental concepts including:

-The Push-Pull Song – a song middle-schoolers fondly remember from the kindergarten show they saw years before, and teachers find themselves humming on the way out of the auditorium.

-Physics with a “Ph” not an “F” – not only a spelling lesson, but also an elementary introduction to matter & energy.

-Relative, Relative, Relative – illustrated by Einstein and his very simple, yet effective relative motion machine.            

• A performance filled with spontaneous enjoyable audience interaction capped off with a lively Q & A.

Do not miss the opportunity to bring Einstein to your venue.

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